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About Oncoplastic surgery

As a breast-conserving procedure, the goal of a lumpectomy is to only remove the affected area of the breast for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. However, following this procedure, the breasts can appear misshapen and smaller. At Gordon Plastic Surgery, board-certified surgeon Dr. Steven Gordon performs lumpectomy reconstruction , also known as oncoplastic reconstruction, to rearrange the breast tissue for a more natural appearance, size, and shape. This procedure can be performed in conjunction with a lumpectomy, and the nipple and breast will be repositioned for the patient's desired look. By strategically placing the incision, he can also help to minimize and camouflage any scarring. To learn more about if you may be a good candidate for a lumpectomy reconstruction procedure, we invite you to contact our The Woodlands, TX facility to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gordon. We understand how difficult a breast cancer diagnosis can be, and we will make every effort to help you feel comfortable about your procedure plan and options. 

Why is a Lumpectomy Performed?

There are multiple reasons why a lumpectomy may be chosen over other surgical options, including to treat certain forms of breast cancer. Additionally, a candidate for a lumpectomy may have a benign breast mass that is solid in nature, a breast mass that is liquid (also called a cyst), or a benign cyst that is recurring even after less invasive treatments. During a thorough consultation at our The Woodlands, TX facility, Dr. Gordon will evaluate your medical history and take digital scans to determine if a lumpectomy reconstruction would be a sufficient treatment for you and your needs following your lumpectomy.

What to Expect

Also known as breast conserving, breast preservation, or partial mastectomy procedure, a lumpectomy works to remove only the affected breast tissue and some of the surrounding tissue. The specific amount of breast tissue that needs to be removed will vary between patients. Once the tissue has been removed, it will be examined for cancerous cells to ensure all of the affected areas have been removed.  The majority of patients who undergo a lumpectomy are recommended to have post operative radiation therapy to that breast.  Radiation can further emphasize changes in shape or size regarding the lumpectomy defect.

In order to minimize breast asymmetry and improve favorable long term cosmetic results Dr. Gordon will perform his portion at this same time as the lumpectomy. Working in conjunction with your general surgeon, Dr. Gordon will help to preserve as much breast tissue as possible for a natural appearance. In some cases, contralateral breast surgery is indicated for symmetry or autologous fat grafting can be utilized to achieve optimal results 

Following the procedure, Dr. Gordon and his team will let you know what to expect during your recovery and provide any necessary aftercare instructions. You will most likely need to take it easy for about six weeks until you are fully healed. Additionally, you will need to attend follow-up appointments so that your recovery progress can be evaluated. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my breasts look normal after a lumpectomy procedure?
Since some of the normal breast tissue will need to be removed in a lumpectomy procedure, there is a chance that the breasts will appear different and in most cases, smaller. However, there are several options to help restore the appearance of the breasts, such as lumpectomy reconstruction surgery. Talk to our team about your options for reconstruction to rebuild the look of your breasts.

How do I know if a lumpectomy reconstruction is available for me?
Dr. Gordon may work with your breast oncologic surgeon in order to determine if a lumpectomy reconstruction is ideal for you. Most women who receive a lumpectomy have smaller, benign tumors that need to be removed. After viewing your digital scans, Dr. Gordon may have a better idea if you are a candidate for a lumpectomy reconstruction.

What about my other breast?
Normally a lumpectomy is only being performed on one breast, and often the other the other breast will also need to be reconstructed to look symmetrical. This may include a reduction, lift or combination. During your consultation, Dr. Gordon will be able to give you a better idea about the appropriate procedure plan for you. 

Schedule Your Consultation

A breast cancer diagnosis can be extremely scary, but thankfully, there are surgical options that can preserve your breast while still removing the cancerous tissue. Dr. Steven Gordon performs lumpectomy reconstruction procedures so that women can still have the appearance of natural, symmetric breasts. To learn more, contact Gordon Plastic Surgery in The Woodlands, TX to schedule your initial consultation. 

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