Mohs Surgery in The Woodlands, TX

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About Mohs Surgery

Skin cancer of the face can be a frightening diagnosis. Fortunately, Mohs surgery is a process that meticulously removes skin cancer without creating larger wounds than necessary. This procedure is done by a specialized dermatologist and can help to address squamous and basal cell carcinomas, melanomas and other lesser known kinds of skin cancer. At Gordon Plastic Surgery, we can help you find a well-qualified Mohs surgeon and be available to help close any wounds to improve the cosmetic result after the cancer is eliminated.

Ideal Candidates

Mohs surgery is largely utilized to take care of the two most prevalent kinds of skin cancer, squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma. Mohs surgery is the ideal choice for cancer found in sensitive areas of the face like the ears, nose, eyelids or mouth. Furthermore, the procedure is useful for a skin cancer that has high risk of recurring or when it's already returned after undergoing therapy. Skin cancer cells that are big, aggressive, and have boundaries that are tough to specify are also better handled with Mohs surgery.

What to Expect

The Mohs surgeon will perform an office based excision of your facial skin cancer and look at the specimen in real time to ensure that the cancer was fully removed. In this capacity, they serve as both a surgeon and pathologist. If there is a positive margin, they will re-excise until it is clear, thus ensuring removal of the cancer while avoiding making wounds larger than needed. Many small wounds can be closed at the same time, however, if a large excision is necessary or the resultant scar will be in a sensitive area of the face, Gordon Plastic Surgery is pleased to help with your reconstructive needs.

Mohs Reconstruction

At Gordon Plastic Surgery in The Woodlands, TX, we pride ourselves on being available to help see and possibly treat patients with Mohs surgery defects within the same day or subsequent days. During your consultation, Dr. Gordon will assess the wound location and size and develop a treatment plan to help with reconstruction. Our goal is to get you healed quickly while ensuring the best possible cosmetic outcome.

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