Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in The Woodlands, TX

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About Carpal Tunnel SYNDROME

A condition that leads to numbness and tingling, weakness and pain in the hand and arm, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is caused by increased pressure on the median nerve that resides in the wrist. This pressure causes swelling that can become great enough to affect the way that the nerve functions, causing symptoms that can be felt in the arm, hand, and fingers. Though they are most commonly felt during the night, these symptoms can also be experienced throughout the day when performing certain activities, including reading the newspaper and driving. At Gordon Plastic Surgery, board-certified surgeon Dr. Steven Gordon provides advanced procedures to treat carpal tunnel and eliminate its symptoms. If you notice symptoms of CTS or have already been diagnosed, contact our The Woodlands, TX facility to learn more and to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Gordon.

Surgical Techniques

Though some mild symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated with the use of steroid injections or wrist splints, surgery may be needed if symptoms persist or are more severe. During the surgical procedure, the goal is to alleviate the pressure on the median nerve by releasing the ligament overlying it. Dr. Gordon performs two types of surgical techniques, depending on the unique needs of the patient, including:

  • Endoscopic release: During this procedure, a very small 1 – 1.5 cm incision is made just before the wrist crease and a special device with a small camera connected to it (endoscope) is used to view the surgical area. The ligament is directly visualized and transected with a special blade. Since it requires one small incision at the wrist, endoscopic surgery can often allow for quicker recovery times and a less painful healing process.
  • Mini-open release: With an open surgery technique, a small 1.5 – 2 cm incision will be made over the palm. This allows Dr. Gordon to have a complete view of the ligament that needs to be released. An advantage of this procedure is that it can be done without the need for general anesthesia.

During your thorough consultation, Dr. Gordon will evaluate your symptoms and perform a clinical exam and may recommend nerve studies to further evaluate your nerve compression symptoms prior to surgery. If bilateral carpal tunnel symptoms exist, Dr. Gordon can either perform both surgeries at the same time or stage the procedure.

What To Expect

Dr. Gordon instructs all post-operative patients to do light activities for two weeks after surgery, which includes typing, texting, and eating and drinking with their hands. There is no post-operative splint, and a light dressing is removed after two days. Thereafter, the patient can get the hands wet. Most patients experience quick relief of nerve pain following the procedure. Nerve recovery may take several weeks to months, and you will be followed closely by Dr. Gordon. 


At Gordon Plastic Surgery, Dr. Gordon and his team want to help you experience long-term relief from carpal tunnel syndrome. Most patients wish they would have had surgery done sooner, and if carpal tunnel syndrome is neglected for too long, permanent damage to muscle or sensation can occur. To learn more about your surgical treatment options, we invite you to contact our The Woodlands, TX facility to schedule a consultation. It is our goal to provide you with the best procedure plan for your individualized needs and concerns.

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