Carpal Tunnel FAQ's

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What are the surgical options?

I offer both endoscopic and mini open releases. With the endoscopic approach, a small incision is made near the wrist crease and I use a camera to help identify and cut the ligament beneath the skin. For this technique you need to undergo a quick general anesthetic. For the mini open release, a small incision is made at the palm overlying the ligament. This can be performed under sedation only if desired

What if both hands are involved?

The surgery can be performed on both hands simultaneously or staged about 4-6 weeks apart. There are benefits to one surgery with cost and one recovery period but it’s completely understandable if you don’t want both hands recovering at the same time

How long does the procedure take?

It is an outpatient procedure I perform at the hospital. The surgery itself takes about 10 min per side.

What is recovery like?

A soft dressing is placed at the time of surgery that can be removed in two days and then the incision can get wet. Immediately after surgery I want you to use your hand for light activity like typing, texting, eating and drinking. No heavy lifting, pushing or pulling with the hand for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks you can increase you activity as tolerated.

When will my symptoms improve?

Most patients find that the nerve pain is significantly improved shortly after surgery. Sensation can take several months to improve as the nerve recovers.

What happens if I wait on surgery?

With mild symptoms one can try using splints overnight which can help. With moderate to severe symptoms, there is chance that full recovery of sensation or motor deficits may not occur. It is important to be evaluate in a timely fashion.

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